AP & Dual Credit

The Advance Program

To graduate with an Advance program diploma, scholars must officially test into the program by fall of sophomore year.  See your counselor if you are interested in being tested.  As an Advance Program graduate, you must earn 12 credits in Advance Program or Advanced Placement classes in at least three of the following areas: English, Science, Math, World Language, and Social Studies.  Scholars are required to take a minimum of three Advance Program (or Advanced Placement) classes each year.  An overall GPA of 3.0 is required to remain in the program and to graduate from the program.  Advance Program scholars must also earn elective credits in Advance Humanities or Fine Art Specialization and 3 years of a World Language.

Advanced Placement Classes

Advanced Placement classes provide scholars the opportunity to take high school courses using college level curriculum.  Scholars who pass exams in these classes may receive college credit, placement, or both from over 2,900 colleges and universities participating in the College Board’s Advanced Placement Program.  An added benefit of taking AP classes is that the grade earned for these high school courses is weighted in the GPA and also for the KEES scholarship.  Advanced Placement courses make substantial academic demands on scholars requiring them to do considerable outside reading, complete college level assignments and demonstrate the analytical skills and writing ability expected of first-year scholars in a strong college program.  Once a scholar has chosen to enroll in an AP course, he/she will not be removed.

Dual Credit

Dual credit classes are taught by either college faculty or Seneca staff with advanced degrees that allow Seneca scholars to earn college credit while in high school.  These courses may be offered during regular school hours, online, or at a college campus.  All Seneca scholars are encouraged to take dual credit classes provided they meet the course requirements.

The fee for a dual credit course is approximately $165, however up to 6 hours (2 courses) is covered by the Kentucky dual credit scholarship.  This scholarship is automatically awarded to juniors and seniors for the first two dual credit courses in which they enroll.  If scholars choose to register for more than 6 hours of dual credit, they are responsible for paying the fees for the course.  Freshmen and sophomores are not eligible for the dual credit scholarship.

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