Mandated Testing

Required State Assessments

Grade 10

Sophomores are required to take the KCCT Writing-On-Demand assessment in the spring as well as End-of-Course (EOC) exams if enrolled in English 2, Biology, or US History during sophomore year.

Grade 11

The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) is recommended for all Advance Program juniors and highly recommended for any college-bound sophomore or junior.  This test helps scholars plan for college, practice for college admission tests, select a college, and compete for scholarships.  This test is required in the junior year in order for the scholar to compete in the National Merit Scholarship Program.  Juniors are also required to take the state-offered ACT. In order to be considered “College Ready”, scholars must meet ACT benchmarks.  These benchmarks are as follows: English (18), Math (19), Reading (20).  Juniors will also take the KCCT Writing-On-Demand and End-of-Course (EOC) exams if enrolled in English 2, Biology, US History, or Algebra 2 during junior year.

It is recommended that the ACT be taken at least three times by December of a scholar’s senior year.  The ACT is a required entrance exam for most Kentucky colleges and universities.  Check with the college of your choice for their minimum accepted ACT score.  If a rising junior intends to apply for the Kentucky Governor’s Scholars program, s/he should take the ACT prior to or early in the fall of the junior year.

Grade 12

The senior is encouraged to retake the ACT until s/he reaches his/her desired score for college admissions or scholarships.  A minimum score is also required to meet NCAA/NAIA eligibility. Scholars who have not yet met their ACT benchmarks will be enrolled in CCR English or Math classes.  Seniors will also be required to take End-of-Course exams if they are in an end of course class.

Students will take end-of-course exams as part of the state-mandated assessment.  The courses scheduled for exams are: English 2, Algebra 2, Biology, and U.S. History.  Three of the four courses are typically junior classes, so students should prepare for a different type of testing.

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