We Are Seneca

Our Mission

The mission of Seneca High School is to prepare scholars for college and career goals as measured by state academic standards.  We are committed to providing an environment and a system of support to ensure ALL scholars are successful.

Our Vision

Seneca High School is a positive, caring community where champions and scholars are committed to becoming an exemplary model for success in a global society.

School Motto

“Tradition Guides Us; Achievement Drives Us.”

School Mascot


School Colors

Red and Gold

School Yearbook

The Arrow

Seneca Alma Mater

Dear Seneca, this heart-felt hymn
Shall be dedicated to thee;
A star whose flame shall never dim
Our beacon ever be.
Seneca forever!
All hail the red and gold!
Emblem of noble deeds and glory yet untold.

Seneca Fight Song

Seneca forever loyal and true
Our hearts will never change our love for you.
Seneca forever be brave, be bold
Fight for our colors of red and gold.

3510 Goldsmith Lane, Louisville, KY 40220 - Phone: 502-485-8323