Attendance Policies

Attendance Goals
95% of scholars will be present every day to ensure that all are successful by receiving instruction, gaining knowledge, and graduating on time.  We are committed to providing an environment and system of support to ensure all scholars are successful.  If scholars are not present, this cannot occur.  Scholars miss direct instruction while absent, which impedes learning.  While we encourage daily attendance, we understand there are circumstances that may require scholars to be absent.  Parents or guardians are asked to notify the school when a scholar is absent.  Scholars are expected to be in class and on time every period, every day.  Any absence, whether excused or not, denies scholars the opportunity to learn.  Champion effectiveness is the strongest school-related determinant of scholar success, but chronic scholar absence reduces even the best champion’s ability to provide learning opportunities.

School Staff Responsibility

  • The automated calling system will be utilized to notify a parent/guardian of a Scholar’s absence.
  • Upon the 3rd unexcused absence, a notification will be mailed home.
  • Upon the 6th unexcused absence, a notification will be mailed home and a conference will be held with the scholar and member of the Attendance Team.
  • Upon 9th unexcused absence, a third notification will be mailed home and further action will be taken by the school or the Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel.
  • Conferences will be held with parents and/or scholar as deemed necessary throughout the school year by the counselors, assistant principals, and/or members of the Attendance team.

Tardies to School

Beginning the 2018-2019 school year, the amount of time a scholar is tardy to school will accrue and contribute to amount of time absent from school which may impact a scholar’s Perfect Attendance or truancy status.  Scholars may submit up to three parent notes PER SEMESTER to excuse tardies to school and doctors’ notes are unlimited. All scholars who are tardy to school must report to the attendance office to sign in.  The appropriate consequence will be assigned unless appropriate documentation is provided for an excused tardy.


Any student who has attained the age of six (6) years, but has not reached his or her eighteenth
birthday, who has been absent from school without valid excuse for three (3) or more days, or tardy
without valid excuse on three (3) or more days, is truant.

Procedure for Documenting Excused Absences

When an absence occurs, a note from a parent or guardian explaining the absence (with valid excuse per JCPS policy) is required. Parent notes explaining an absence or tardy must include:

  1. Scholar's (first and last) name and grade.
  2. Date and reason for absence.
  3. Signature of parent with a phone number.

Upon return to school, scholars should place their notes in one of the locked receptacles in the building (ONE ON EACH FLOOR - by Attendance Office, by Rm. 227, or by Rm. 316A).  Scholars have three (3) days following an absence to bring in documentation/verification (includes health professional statements) explaining the absence.  Excuses brought in after the three (3) days may not be accepted.

Scholars may bring parent notes to account for up to 10 days of absences.  After a total of (10) cumulative full-day absences, parents are required to present a written statement from a medical professional, doctor, dentist, psychologist, etc. in order for additional absences to be excused.

Scholars accumulating ten (10) or more unexcused absences (including co-op scholars) may not be allowed to attend prom, military ball, possess a parking permit, or participate in any senior activities.  These scholars may also be restricted from homecoming events, including nominations for homecoming court, and class officers.

Excused Absences: Required Documentation
Appointments with health professionals   ------------ Professional note from Doctor/Dentist, etc.
Court appearance   -------------------------------------- Court clerk or judge verification
Death of a family member   ---------------------------- Documentation from funeral home or Obituary
Educational trips   --------------------------------------- Educational Enhancement Opportunity request form
College visit   --------------------------------------------- a letter from college visited
Kentucky State Fair   ------------------------------------ Ticket stub accompanied by parent note
Religious holidays and practices   --------------------- Parent note
Scholar illness   ------------------------------------------ Doctor note or Parent note (after 10 parent notes, Doctor notes only
Test for Driver's permit/license   ---------------------- Permit, license or parent note
Documented Military Leave   --------------------------- Request forms found in counseling or attendance office
Make-Up Work

If a scholar is absent from school, he/she is expected to complete assignments from classes missed.  Make-Up assignments will be given out at the convenience of the champion.  Upon return from a suspension- ISS, ISAP, scholars have the right to make up major assignments, projects and tests in the same way.  All make-up work should be completed and turned in by the same number of days of his/her absence, plus one day.  Required work must be completed in advance in order for a scholar to accompany a parent/guardian on pre-approved trips or family activities.

Early Dismissals

Scholars who are 18 years of age or older need to bring a note written and signed by a parent/guardian stating reason for and time of early dismissal.  Notes should be presented to the office before first period.  All requests for early dismissals will be verified before a scholar is released.  Therefore, a working phone number must be included in your note.  Early dismissal notes will NOT be accepted on a day before a holiday such as Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Break or special event days (prom, awards ceremony, etc.).  Scholars leaving early on those days must be signed out by a parent or legal guardian.  **If a scholar is not in attendance for at least half of the school day, he/she will not be able to attend after school events.

Scholars who are under 18 years of age must be signed out by a parent/guardian.

Request for Educational Enhancement Day(s)

Scholars attending exceptional educational events on a school day outside of normal school activities may apply for an Educational Enhancement Day one week PRIOR to attending the event.  Scholars must pick up an application from their counselor or attendance clerk and get approval BEFORE attending the event.  The principal must approve all Educational Enhancement Days in advance.  If it is approved, the enhancement day(s) will not count against a scholar’s attendance.  Final approval will not be given for senior college visits unless a College Visit form is given to the counselor BEFORE going on the visit and an official letter from the school is brought to the counselor on return.  Seniors have the opportunity to use two College Visit Days per school year.

Perfect Attendance

In order for scholars to have perfect attendance for the school year, there must be no tardies or absent minutes for the school year.

RedHawk Attendance Expectations

Champions are expected to post attendance every period, every day, within the first 10 minutes of every class (including RedHawk Readiness), therefore it is important for scholars to be on time to each class.

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