Technology Policies
  • The computer equipment and software provided by Seneca High School are for instructional purposes only. It is essential that every scholar who uses the equipment does so responsibly.
  • Anyone who adds or deletes files, changes the system configuration, knowingly introduces a virus, or deliberately does anything to interfere with the proper operation of the equipment will be considered to have vandalized school property and will be subject to disciplinary action and held liable for restitution or replacement.
  • No use of telecommunications software or equipment is permitted except for approved instructional purposes.
  • The school computers and computer equipment are not to be used for game playing, unless it is of instructional benefit and the scholar is under the direct supervision of the authorizing faculty member. Failure to abide by these and other applicable restrictions is cause for withdrawing computer privileges from any offending scholars.

As a public institution, it is our duty and legal responsibility to see that the copyright laws are observed.  Under no circumstances should scholars install their own software, copy the school’s software, or use the school’s computers to copy one’s own software for others.  To violate any of these rules is unethical and illegal.  It is also important that we take every precaution to prevent the introduction of computer viruses into the school’s network and hard drives.  We ask that scholars do not expose their data disks to unprotected systems and files of unknown origin (from bulletin boards, game disks from friends, etc.).

We are fortunate to have many very knowledgeable technology scholars at Seneca.  In the past, these scholars have been an invaluable resource to the scholars and faculty of the school in diagnosing computer problems.  We will continue to rely on their experience and advice, but we ask that no actions be taken, even in the interests of efficiency or ease of use, to make improvements without the permission of the technology committee or authorized faculty member.  Failure to abide by these policies will result in such disciplinary actions as may be deemed appropriate, including the scholar being banned from further use of computer equipment.

Scholars enrolled in computer classes will be asked to sign a form acknowledging willingness and intent to abide by these policies.

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